12 Songs, 36 Minutes


About Sacrifice

One of Canada's first, and arguably all around best, pure thrash metal bands, Sacrifice was formed in Toronto, in 1985, and quickly earned a recording contract with leading independent Metal Blade on the strength of a promising pair of demos. For the span of three albums: 1986's Torment in Fire, 1987's Forward to Termination, and 1990's Soldiers of Misfortune (the last of which was released through the Diabolic Force label), the group consisted of Rob Urbinati (vocals/guitar), Joe Rico (guitar), Scott Watts (bass), and Gus Pynn (drums); but the latter pair was replaced by Kevin Wimberley and Michael Rosenthal, respectively, for the recording of 1993's swan song, Apocalypse Inside. This marked a return to original home Metal Blade for the talented but commercially challenged band, which decided to disband the following year when Urbinati and Wimberley started devoting more attention to a new project called Interzone. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia



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