12 Songs, 55 Minutes


About Godhead

The first band signed to Marilyn Manson's label, Posthuman Records, the industrial goth band Godhead experienced a kick-start to their career after years of relentless touring and playing in the underground scene in their native town of Washington, D.C. Their aggressive, industrial sound caught the attention of Manson and the band landed a slot on Manson's 2000 international God, Guns, and Government tour. Manson acted as executive producer and oversaw development of the band's Posthuman debut, the 2000 release 2000 Years of Human Error.

2000 Years is the fourth album from this hard rock/metal band. Godhead has released three independent albums: Godhead (1994), Nothingness (1996), and Power Tool Stigmata (1998). 2000 Years was produced by Danny Saber (Black Sabbath, U2, Rolling Stones) and mixed by John X Volaitis (Orgy, Marilyn Manson, Korn). The album displays Godhead's religious and social discontent and exhibits the intense electronic and rock combinations of lead singer/guitarist Jason Miller, bassist and programmer the Method, guitarist Mike Miller, and drummer James O'Connor. On the album, Godhead also does a dark, macabre cover of the Beatles' Eleanor Rigby. David Bowie's longtime guitarist Reeves Gabrels was a notable guest on the album. Manson lent his vocals to "Break You Down," while Gabrels co-produced and played guitar on the track, "Tired Old Man." Godhead has also toured with bands like GWAR, Genitorturers, and Christian Death. ~ Kerry L. Smith




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