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If you're looking for an incredible workout album, then you'd better "Left Right, Left Right, Left Right Left" your butt into gear and buy this cadence album. As I went through each song I noticed each cadence is as good as the previous. This means you're not paying a premium price for just one song. They're all the bomb!!

The only complaint I have is I can't get the "Left Right Kill" melody out of my head! Make sure you avoid this track (Track 2) before going to bed!!! ; )

Ohhh Yea!!!! Pure Motivation.

Veteran Fitness Center,

Ok, I don’t want to sound like a groupie but this group has created perfect lyrics and managed to include the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines in just about every song. I work at the fitness center in Virginia and I listen to a lot of fitness music and military cadences because this is the music that pumps my students up. I must say that this group is different from anything that I've heard. It's almost like they need their own genre. This album is not hip hop, it's not rap but it's pure motivation delivered in a vocal format. These guys have set the bar pretty high for military cadences. And kudos to cadencemasters for creating modern cadences too. I am a fan!!! Crank it up and play it often. QMCM Tayler.
Navy 4Life

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