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27 Ratings

I've been waiting for this a long, long time.


It's been a few months since the iTunes store finally got the soundtracks to Seasons 1 through 4 by Bear McCreary, but they never got the original mini-series from Richard Gibbs (featuring Bear McCreary) until now. And as a side note, they posted this on the same day as they did the soundtrack from Razor and The Plan.

Are You Alive? and The Storm and the Dead alone make this a great album and at $9.99, you can't go wrong for getting the whole album.

Worth It To Complete The Set


Finally!! The completion of the set of the Battlestar Galactica series! I don't feel this was quite as strong as most of Bear McCreary's work on the series. There are a few standouts though. Are You Alive?/Main Title is very good, and I just love the move from the "Six" theme into the drums of the main theme. The Storm and the Dead is also very strong. However I also like the softer themes of To Kiss Or Not To Kiss and Reunited. The Sense of Six of course has Six's main percussive theme that's so familiar to all of us BSG fans. It's nice though to hear it again in its original form. In The Day Comes I can almost hear the chant of "So say we all!" in the background. Quite a few tracks though fall short to what Bear McCreary did when he took control after the mini-series. Battle in particular is very unimpressive compared to the battle themes of the series. All in all though it's a nice companion to the rest of the series.

I been waiting over 3 years for this!

LE Studios

I asked Bear McCreary on Twitter about this soundtrack well as I posted on my blog that Universal haven't even put this on iTunes and it was going on 8 years. He contacted Universal about this soundtrack and Battlestar Galactica: Razor/The Plan. As of January 3, 2011 here it is. Favorite Tracks: 1) Are you alive?/Battlestar Galactica Theme, 2) Goodbye baby, 4) Kiss or not to kiss, 19) Thousands Left Behind, 20) Silica Pathways and 24) Battle. I felt since Richards Gibbs started with The Mini-Series his work need to be included too. Between both Richard and Bear I have never owned a TV Show Soundtrack before it's usually movies and video-games. Then I can listen to this all the time and that's truly saying how good their work is.

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