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About Fabio

Fabio is the pioneering breakbeat DJ who, along with Grooverider, brought drum'n'bass into the British club scene. A DJ since the early '80s rare-groove and hip-hop periods, he was born in London and grew up in Brixton. Though he went to college for awhile and worked as an insurance agent, his burgeoning mixing career soon took center stage. A soul fan and early friend of fellow DJs Colin Dale and Tim Westwood, Fabio first made his name on the pirate station Phase 1 and got hooked on house music by 1986.

With Grooverider, Fabio hosted several popular after-hours house events during the late '80s. During the early '90s, he formed two of the seminal club-nights for drum'n'bass, Rage and Speed. At the former, he and Grooverider provided the early darkside to hardcore techno while the latter saw Fabio and L.T.J Bukem charting the course of an increasingly experimental-minded scene. Though he concentrated on mixing while Grooverider added production credits to his résumé, Fabio and his Creative Source label proved crucial to the early development of producers like Alex Reece, Wax Doctor and Hidden Agenda. He was also slotted to mix the second volume in the mix-album series Promised Land. ~ John Bush

    London, England
  • BORN
    September 27, 1965