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4.8 out of 5
244 Ratings
244 Ratings
Amir R. Muntasser ,

Spectacular: Symphonic & Sophisticated Extra Precious

You've played the game now get the music! Jim Guthrie is a man amongst men. His musical prowess is only exceeded by the weight of his balls. Open your mind, ears, and soul as he penetrates you (in a totally manly way) with his tunes. Feel the adventure and excitement, get lost in a land of swords and perhaps even a little sworcery. Is that a spelling error you ask? No, it is not. Love, Hate, Fear, other words for random emotions, this album has them all. If you don't buy this album then you hate babies. And these aint not regular babies mi amigo, nay, they be babies from beyond the stars. Space babies if you will. Their ballad is like a shot of adrenaline to nutsack: beautiful and tear inducing. Get this album, you wont regret it. Don't like it? Well I don't like you so we're even. Boosh!

UltimateOwnage ,

Amazing. Own the game, own the album - both are instant classics.

Beautiful, retro, awesome - EPIC. Just like the game, but the game would not be the same without the soundtrack. A true indie collaborative masterpiece. Jim Guthrie pulled off some incredible music that stands strong as an album even for someone who has not seen or played the game it goes with. Again, this is a truly outstanding album.

Knight3353 ,

A triumph

In a time when pristine graphics, AAA titles, and video game budgets rivaling that of Hollywood action flicks, Superbrothers and Jim remind us that simplicity is still synonymous with beauty and fun.

A far-cry from a point and click the gameplay and the music join together hand in hand and create an experience that resonates beauty, wonder, and mystery long after it's over.

If you've played the game, get this album. If you've purchased this album, get the game; truly one of the best releases in a long time.

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