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Off Duty


It's about time,But worth the wait.

480E Fans, U won't be disappointed


Yet another great album by Four80East. If you're already a fan, you'll hear those sounds and styles that are only Four80East, yet the group is exploring other avenues, more unique sounds, styles. There's such great variety and new sounds on this album - it's very engaging - you'll find yourself moving to the beat. Don't let the funny lyrics scare you away in "The Walker" or the Indian overtones of "Nothing Is Written" - if you want that familiar Four80East sound, head straight over to "Cashed Out" or "With You". It's that same great beat and pace that set this group apart from smooth jazz or electronica groups. I first heard them driving around Chicago in 1998 and a good share of their songs are in my 25 Most Played Tracks on my iPods. Buy this album - you'll grow to love even the funky tracks.

About Four80East

Toronto-based Four80East is actually a studio side-project for Rob DeBoer (piano, guitar, bass, programming) and Tony Grace (drums, programming), who, along with Grace's brother Paul, run Boomtang Records. Four80East developed over several years, between Grace and DeBoer's remix schedule (for the likes of Econoline Crush, Amanda Marshall, Corey Hart, Wild Strawberries, Philosopher Kings, and Ashley MacIsaac) and their other project, the pop band the Boomtang Boys. Four80East started as an outlet of pure fun to play a sort of loose, improvisational dance music inspired by groove music out of the U.K. The other half of the band is Jack Trentman on guitar and trumpet, and Jon Stewart on tenor saxophone. The band's first album, titled appropriately enough The Album, came out in 1997 on Boomtang. It earned considerable airplay in both the U.S. and England. Nocturnal followed in early 2001, marking their first effort for Higher Octave. A year later, Round 3 followed up on their self-proclaimed "trip-jazz" sound. The group's fourth studio-effort, 2007's En Route also featured a sophisticated, acid-jazz vibe. However, 2009's Roll On, found the group digging into a retro funk and '70s soul influenced sound. In 2012, they returned with the soulful, lightly experimental Off Duty. The concert album, Four80East Live, appeared in 2014. In 2015, Four80East released their seventh studio-album, Positraction, which included the single, "Cookie Strut." ~ Stanton Swihart

Toronto, Ontario, Canada



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