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4:09 $1.29
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There is a CD2?!


I’ve literally gone a whole year without knowing about the second CD. I have the previous compilations, and I always thought something was off about how short this one was. Never looked into it. Obviously my mistake, but it makes me a little peeved that iTunes didn’t make the second CD available for purchase. Now that 2014 is out, I have bought it elsewhere for two reasons. One its not even available on the US iTunes yet (I’m kinda of impatient), and two there will probably be only one CD. It’s likely this is because it doesn’t sell as well over here, but still there are fans over here in the states! I am a Grumpy bunny right here.

Only disc 1 - but AMP is always worth a listen

D Mann,

That said, if you can find a physical copy or a digital copy from a store that includes both discs of the compilation that'd be the better way to go.

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