8 Songs, 35 Minutes


About Idle Cure

Christian music rarely achieves column inches in the mainstream rock press, and that fate also befell late 80s US rock group Idle Cure, despite their obvious musical talents. Comprising Steve Shannon (vocals, bass), Mark Ambrose (guitar) and Peter Lomakin (keyboards), the group produced two albums of splendid AOR for Frontline Records in 1987 and 1988. On both, Lomakin’s multi-textured keyboard playing compensated for the lack of a regular drummer, and the quality of the songwriting was universally excellent, regardless of what critics thought of the subject matter. Tough Love was dedicated to the forthright parental control mechanisms advocated by a number of leading Christian evangelists, and in interview the group were candid about their endorsement of such methods. Nevertheless, the songs on the album were contrastingly dynamic and free of inhibitions, and would surely have attracted wider coverage had Idle Cure not been consigned to the Christian rock ghetto.



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