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If Hope Had Reason


This album is great! Some of my favorite songs that inspire me in everyday life are: Miracle Somethings, Almost over You, Joker, and Shine. They lift my spirit instantly!

Great Songs, Great Guy...

Brian in Denver,

I had the priviledge to play on an open stage with Lee in Nashville years ago. His song "Coffee and Wine" blew me away... Dim lights, sweat rolling off his face from the stage lights, his booming voice nearly blowing us off the stage.. Just him and his acoustic guitar.. That song has been one of my favorites and always will be.. If I could sing like him, maybe a couple of my songs would be out here... And to top it all off, Lee is a great guy! So many of those folks were so down hearted and discouraged because the 'few powers that be in Nashville' had been rejecting them over and over and I think they started to lose sight of the talent they really possess. It's great to see you on a much bigger stage Lee! Thanks for the powerful memory.

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