9 Songs, 1 Hour 5 Minutes


About Andromeda

Formed in 1999, Swedish progressive metal band Andromeda hails from the southernmost city of Malmö and centers around virtuoso guitar player Johan Reinholdz. Also featuring keyboardist Martin Hedin, bassist Gert Dunn, and drummer Thomas Lejon, Andromeda had no trouble securing a record deal with WAR Music on the strength of their very first demo, but holding onto a vocalist proved a tad more challenging. In fact, the band found itself in need of a singer on the eve of starting recording on their 2001 debut album, Extension of the Wish. As an emergency measure, they called upon Darkane vocalist Lawrence Mackrory to lend a hand -- and came away with surprisingly positive results, it must be said. A permanent frontman, David Fremberg, was brought in before the sophomore II = I, which once again showcased the band's ambitious songwriting and sterling musicianship. Reinholdz has also been known to take on the odd bit of session work, lending his guitar heroics to Nonexist's Deus Deceptor LP. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia