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Beatles Missing Links!

The DME,

What a cool concept! The Apple Jam have taken these Lennon & McCartney and Harrison-penned songs from the early 60's and recreated them as the Beatles might have. You might recognize some of these song from the versions by Peter & Gordon and Chad & Jeremy etc., but they were really written by the Beatles and given away. The recordings sound great and serve as a fun supplemental material for Beatle fans. Check it out and let your mind pretend that it is 1964! Don't over-think it, just enjoy!

Beatles Sound Down To A Tee!!!!!!

Lovin' the Sixties,

Vocally and instrumentally this is a great album, not to mention the fact that these songs were written by the Beatles. And even though I am an avid Beatles fan, the song, "I'm in Love" almost makes me feel that I am listening to the Beatles themselves. The same goes for "From a Window" and "One and One is Two."

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