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Don't Sleep on Her

Insight Global Strategy,

I had a chance to interview Alex for our blog ConcrtMe.

I can't speak for tastemakers or those that judge music in relation to mainstream acts.

All I can say is I spent an hour with Alex talking about her life and love for music and it became clear very quickly that she's out here to make a name for herself.

Get the album!!

Awesome and Refreshing !

Rain Drizzle,

Alex English is a girl on a mission ! Beautiful clear voice with a sack full o' great
original songs. In a Sea of wanna - be she stands apart from the rest with a keep
it simple but straight to the heart approach. A "lil girl with a big voice" who is paving her way by payin ' her dues and walking her own soul's road. This is great music from someone who is on her way to greatness ! Luvs it .. : )

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