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4.8 out of 5
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354 Ratings
Rockfords Rocker ,

At last!!!

It seems like iTunes is getting a lot more Dream Theater. Heh, fine by me!
Words can't even do this album justice, but I'll try.

PMU - DT's first (and last!) real mainstream hit. Moderately heavy, and very catchy. 5/5

Another Day - Beautiful song about cancer. Great solo from JP, JLB's vocals absolutely soar on this track. 4/5

Take the Time - Heavy song, but with a few softer bits here and there. Great unison work between Kevin Moore and JP. However, this song has possibly the worst music video, they had to completely mutilate the song to shorten it, and IMO it ruins the video. 4.5/5

Surrounded - Another beautiful, softer song. Catchy, especially the "Light to dark, dark to light..." part. Awesome vocals, and Petrucci has an awesome delay-ridden lick near the end. 4.5/5

Metropolis Pt. 1 - This is probably DT's defining song, and I was heartbroken to see it left off of Greatest Hit. Just listen to it! 5/5

Under A Glass Moon - Epic. Very, very proggy. JLB hits a high G in the chorus section, which is just sweet. Of course, JP has just a RIPPING solo on this track. Check it out. 5/5

Wait For Sleep - Very soft, piano driven track. It's mainly used as an intro into Learning to Live. 4/5

LtL - THIS is the magnum opus of the album. At 11:30, it was DT's longest track at the time. (Besides ACOS, which was still in the works.) Many things to mention about this song, but I'm running out of words, so I'll just leave you with this: James' F# is on this song.

BUY THIS ALBUM! If you're looking for a place to start with DT, this is it. If you've never even heard of DT until this point, buy the album anyway.

Danocalypse ,

What a classic

It's about time iTunes got this album up. This is the definitive Dream Theater album in m opinion. This one is where they formulated their sound core; the later albums they pushed themselves to new areas musically. If you like good musicianship, beautiful vocals, excellant songwriting, or any of Dream Theater's stuff then this is a must buy.

Laser Jazz Riff ,

Great Album, Great Band, and it's on iTunes

That's right, it's on iTunes. If you're going to buy any Dream Theater album, start with this one. It's got Pull Me Under, their most famous song. Metropolis Part 1 and Under A Glass Moon also prove to be great, and you will love the rest too.
For James LaBrie's first album with the band, he has shown experience with his voice, John Petrucci provides some great riffs and guitar solos (Under A Glass Moon, great guitar solo). John Myung and Mike Portnoys provide the support of bass and drums (respectively). Kevin Moore's keyboard playing also deserves a lot of credit.
In short, BUY THIS ALBUM!!!

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