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Boneyard inc.,

9/10 doctors recommend you take extreme caution while listening to these butt-rupturing drops.

Side effects may include
Anal leakage,
Head injury from head banging,
Loss of virginity,
And a slight reduction in blood pressure.

Please Read: From a Future DJ

Erik Low,

This EP would be better if the title track was clean, but I still love this artist. You can't spell Eptic without epic. Ectoplasm sounds really well done. Eptic has been very productive lately. I enjoyed his remix to Hostile by Skism and Laxx.

About Eptic

Eptic is a Belgian dubstep/EDM producer named Michaël Bella. His tracks are as rowdy and filled with heavy drops as the majority of the producers associated with the EDM scene, but there's a bit of smooth spaciness to some of his productions, and many of his tracks have sci-fi or adventure themes. He often ventures into styles such as trap and drum'n'bass in addition to dubstep and electro-house. He began producing tracks near the end of the 2000s, and his first EPs appeared on Chronos Records in 2011. He signed to Never Say Die in 2012 and released several more EPs, including Like a Boss and Mastermind. He collaborated with artists like Habstrakt and Must Die!, and landed gigs at several EDM festivals around the world. In 2016, his collaboration with Jauz titled "Get Down" was released by Spinnin' Records, while Never Say Die issued his Overlord EP. ~ Paul Simpson

    Waasmunster, Belgium
  • BORN
    Apr 9, 1993

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