24 Songs, 2 Hours 18 Minutes


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4.2 out of 5
233 Ratings
233 Ratings
OldSchoolTranceJuNkIe ,


With all due respect this album is not trance. Its sad that 2 different types of music can be called one. This album is good in its own way, just not as a trance album. It does have trance progressive artist such as Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Randy Boyer, OceanLab. This album has more of an electro/electro clash feel to it. Maybe some day this genre of music will grow here in the states so that people can tell difference in music instead of calling all one thing Trance or Techno, different music different sounds.

Frednrgyp ,

Ultra Trance 09

AWESOME CD with upbeat,happy dance music. Well worth downloading entire double cd rather than single song it.

erattanongrata ,

Mixed Bag

Seemed like Ultra tried hard to come up with a good cd. But since the advent of the internet age 2.0 cds are sorta a novelty now. It would be nice for Ultra just to put out ten songs that have been topping mainstream trance charts, and ten new songs that they think have the potential to. I only really like Infinity and memory is decent ( I really like Klaas's remixes in general, he seems quite talented). I love many of the artists listen on here but just don't find this to be their best work overall. Choosing only music from big names seems to be a shortcome of this album. Well mostly, either big names or big name djs who did the remix. Nice effort, hope for better in the future. Thank you for not putting a continous mix. I hate those. I see those as pointless overall.

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