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Well Made


Very good, love instrumentals but disappointed that you guys didn't put my friends never die in it

Beautiful Reboot of 2014’s Classic


Love the addition of Light (feat Imagine Dragons), and the Live tracks (3) are all amazing with new horns and drums. The instrumentals are a nice touch for DJ’s and instrumental enthusiasts alike, and the price cannot be beaten. This duo from Washington produces exceptionally high quality vibes both in the studio and on tour; I had the pleasure of seeing them last year and will be attending one of their sold-out shows this year. Expect BIG things from Odesza in their live performances, they are rumored to be one-upping themselves with audio and visuals this go-around. These guys are on fire.


Adding a heavier beat but keeping the "dreamy" side of indie electronica intact, Seattle duo ODESZA formed in 2012 just before they graduated from Western Washington University. Members Harrison Mills (aka Catacombkid) and Clayton Knight (aka Beaches Beaches) had known each other since they were freshman at the college, but ODESZA didn't form until their senior year. After graduation, things began to move quickly as 2012 saw the release of their debut album, Summer's Gone. The year 2013 saw both an EP, My Friends Never Die, plus a tour with, and a remix for, Pretty Lights. A year later they released In Return, an LP from the Counter Records label that topped various online retailers' electronic album charts. ODESZA toured North America in support of their album, and sold out 28 shows, in addition to performing at over 20 festivals. In 2015, the duo launched Foreign Family Collective in order to give exposure to up-and-coming musicians and graphic artists. A deluxe edition of In Return, including the Little Dragon collaboration "Light" as well as live tracks and instrumentals, appeared later in the year. "Late Night" and "Line of Sight," the first two singles from ODESZA's third studio album, were released in April of 2017. A Moment Apart arrived the following September, featuring guest appearances by Regina Spektor, Leon Bridges, and Ry X. ~ David Jeffries

    Seattle, WA

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