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“IN THE DISTANCE” MICHAEL BOHNE: Album review by Dyan Garris for New Age CD.com

“In The Distance” is the full-length debut album for solo pianist Michael Bohne, following his 2014 EP “Disenchanted.” The album features eleven piano solos composed and performed by Michael, who currently lives in Albany, New York.

His last name is pronounced, “Bone.” Remember it, because we are sure to be hearing much more from this extraordinarily talented artist. This is someone too, who would be well worth seeing in concert. I’m sure it would be amazing.

This album, which releases July 6, 2018, is really quite remarkable and noteworthy. It’s not necessarily the passion that shines through in every note of every composition that makes it so. It’s not necessarily the absolutely flawless performance throughout. It’s not the perfect cadence either. And it’s not the fact that Michael expertly utilizes the entire instrument, both upper and lower registers. (It’s as if he is one with the piano, the whole thing and the whole way through). By the way, Michael is considered legally blind.

But all of that said, what perhaps makes this album so impressively memorable is that it is so vibrant overall. It’s hard to forget this kind of evocative emotion. And even though there are some deeply contemplative and poignant moments here, equally as vibrant in their own way, you won’t want to.

The album opens with “When the Time Comes,” which incorporates falling rain and a ticking clock into the mix. Different and interesting. Some other standouts and highlights on “In The Distance” include the song, “Fading Memories.” If it doesn’t have lyrics, it should. You can almost hear them there somewhere in the ethers. It’s a wonderful, catchy, “I’m moving forward” kind of tune. Dynamic and most definitely mind-sticking. I probably listened to it at least ten times. You may find yourself doing the same and never tiring of it.

“Never Looking Back,” “Phantoms Along the Shore,” and “Taking the Scenic Route,” are my other picks for favorites on this fresh and exciting album. “In The Distance” is highly recommended for solo piano lovers looking for something truly brilliant.

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