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JayDennis Approves!!! \m/(-__-)\m/


Such a great day to be a Dark Sermon fan, I got my itunes pre-order of In Tongues and was pleasantly surprised by how consistently brutal and melodic it was. You are reviving a lost genre with songs like "Testament" and "Forfeit II"

I'm a metalhead and very big on originality as a guitar player who has heard the same riffs over and over again, the instrumentals were fantastic and the drummer is bringing back blast beats!!

Not to mention the wide range of demonic vocals Johnny brings to the table. Hounds was a sick video too, I hope I share the stage with you guys soon. Also as a metal vocalist who lifts weights too, I challenge Johnny to an arm wrestling match and we make a show of it \m/

First time hearing these people

Das Angry Juden,

Sadly this is the first time hearing these guys. This is awesome however. Very heavy, and very metal. To me, the vocals are a mixed sound of Texas In July and Job For A Cowboy (old JFAC). The instruments to me sound like a mix if Job For A Cowboy and Black Dahlia Murder.

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