11 Songs, 31 Minutes


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4.5 out of 5
59 Ratings
59 Ratings
Djentleman23 ,

Holy Jesus.

The drummer has got to be exhausted after playing all of that XD He's a damned machine!
Amazing album!

Benjamin James ,

Extremely Satisfying

I pre-order this album and bought it on iTunes because my order did not ship in time, and I needed it asap. These guys cannot disappoint me. gritty, pulse pounding, and incredibly heavy. Bradley and Rousselle..... that is all

JohnjwOx ,

The Monolith In Today's Metal Scene

I, and one of my closest friends, went to a Behemoth show (in the Worchester Pavilion). Septic Flesh had just ended and, considering I had never heard them before, they gave quite an impressive performance. I was stoked for the Job for A Cowboy and Gojira performances coming up soon – but first was a mysterious new band I had heard an underground legend about… some super-technical-core band from Canada… these guys were notorious for their mechanical accuracy and their new release, in its intimidating black cover, of some metal headed chemical masque definitely sparked my interest. Already, I was interested to see how these guys performed.
All of a sudden, they hit the stage and what I saw was exactly what I had anticipated. Here was a Monolithic performance of a new band, first album, that didn’t even look like a band – it was a mechanical leviathan of truly mastery of a devastating core-tech art-form. It was then that I began to understand an entirely different style of metal.
Checking their singles, I wasn’t as sure of what this band was creating until I bought their full albums, and eventually their entire discography. I am enjoying playing with my different interpretations of their music, listening to their different instruments (obviously even the vocals) and relaxing on my idea of how they were using their instruments and just laying back and listening to the waves of intelligence I had never heard from any other band.
Now that I have explored (and purchased entirely) Beneath the Massacre’s discography, I have to say, the Maree Noire EP is my favorite – as it was when I first heard it. That being said, I only ever listen to this band when I have time to meditate through their entire discography. I have learned how to associate myself with the different feelings of each album, and I have to say, I am happy… I am happy. If you are new to these guys I’d say check out their Maree Noire EP, if you have heard BTM and want to get into something they’ve done that you haven’t listened to yet I would suggest you check out Incongruous. As far as they’re previous albums, as all of us addicts know, it’s certainly worth the weight… check it out, in your own say folks – and check out these guys live, you will truly feel what this band is capable in, what I believe, is a truly thriving metal scene. Check it out, and enjoy. Peace.

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