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17 Ratings

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone


I feel that that this is Lyle Workman at the top of his form. Workman has blended a full symphony orchestra, a big jazz band, and a vocal chorus with his own performances on different guitars (and yes that sounds like his own solo voice in background) in a sound track that takes us through a range of moods. Even if you have not seen the movie, you've got to feel the loneliness in ":Happy Boirthday Little Man" and the excitement in "Magic Kit" or the dread in "Blood Card" or "Red Hot Coals." I loved the bouncy babah-dadah beat in "Sex Tricks" or the great upbeat jazz track "The biggest Bed in Vegas, and Workman himself on the guitar with just big bass on "Zarrow Shuffle". There is so much range to the CD and it's filled with enough subtle inventions that you can listen several times before you hear them all. My favorite track is "WonderSuite." It stays with you.

Soundtracks transcends the film!


Not that the movie isn't funny (it is, especially Jim Carrey's performance) but Lyle Workman's score is an outstanding example of the range and depth of this guitarist-composer's range, wit and melodic gift. The stylistic breadth of the album is wide - neo-Bacharachian waltzes rub up against psychedelic electronic jams, and somehow a couple of big band cues sneak in there, too - but the whole score is held together by the inventive, hummable tunes and harmonic progressions that are a Workman trademark. If you love great guitar playing and film music, pick up this album. And don't forget Lyle's brilliant score to "Win Win", too!



While your watching the movie Burt Wonderstone, you hear a wide array of soundtrack music, from lush orchestras, Vegas dance music, jazz ensemble, tender acoustic guitar, and gritty big-movie-rock, and as the credits roll you realize, hey…. it really was all 1 composer!!! Phew!

Those familiar with Lyle Workman's solo efforts, as well as Superbad or Win-Win soundtracks, know him not only as a world class guitarist, but also an accomplished composer, and this soundtrack really shows off his wide array of skills. Lyle really puts his thumbprints on each of these pieces, so instead just "here's a jazz number, and here's a rock number"… these pieces really hold up as testaments to what Lyle might sound like if he was an artist working in one of those specific musical genres.

The only downside is I would love to hear a whole album of great jazz charts like Magic Kit & Biggest Bed , or crank up an album of songs like Drillbotomy and Red Hot Coals, or take a long drive to an album of great compositional ear candy like Wondersuite & Racing Home. But you're 'suppose to be left wanting more…right?…;)

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