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Better Than Ever?

Fastcore James,

Tech-death is a narrow niche of the metal spectrum, but Artificial Brain are so good at it that you'll be a believer instantly. (We're talking Gorguts-level mastery here). And if you happen to already be a death metal fan, consider this starting off your Metal Year 2017 with dessert.

"Infrared Horizon" is certainly worthy of a release on Profound Lore, but no matter the label, the simple fact remains that these endlessly creative songs play with harmonies and dynamics that keep you interested long after most "brutal" albums wear thin.

To give you an idea of the repeat play value here, this is the third time in a row (!), back-to-back, that I've heard this just today -- and I also listened to it yesterday. That might sound weird ... but Artificial Brain really are that talented. I'm not sick of it yet.

Yes, this album owns. It's a step up from the previous LP (which is good in its own right, no doubt) and an obvious -- as in, DUH! -- candidate for top ten of 2017. One minor flaw is that it might have benefitted from louder mastering ... although the subdued tenor of the recording helps it maintain a gauzy, atmospheric otherworldliness.

One question: how do Artificial Brain top this triumph for Album Number Three!? I'm excited to find out! You will be, too.

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