7 Songs, 44 Minutes


About Bruno Sanfilippo

A talented musician and composer, Bruno Sanfilippo used to enjoy playing an 1886 piano at a very young age, an instrument which inspired his career as a multi-instrumentalist. After graduating from the Buenos Aires Conservatory with a degree in music education, Sanfilippo recorded his first album, 1991's Sons of the Light, after being chosen to make the music for Bariloche's National Snow Festival. In 1995, the artist recorded The New Kingdom, followed by 1997's Solemnis. Combining his piano skills, electronic instruments, and Latin percussion, Bruno Sanfilippo released 2000's Suite Patagonia, based on stories from the Argentinian southern territory. He has collaborated with Max Corbacho and Mathias Grassow -- Corbacho for 2004's Indalo and 2011's Bioma, and Grassow for 2008's Ambessence Piano & Drones and 2010's Cromo: Piano & Drones. ~ Drago Bonacich

Buenos Aires, Argentina
New Age
September 13, 1965