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very krzezmirdębskiesque :)


polokokta...olo ratuj...kumotry żołędne...itp. :) Nice complement to "Kingsajz" (sic) soundtrack. I like it

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peter neibert,

We know who Henrik Schwartz is, but who is /are The Tokyo Secret Orchestra? Ok, if they told us it wouldn't be a secret any more. When will we hear more from Henrik Schwartz and the Tokyo Secret Orchestra?
In particular, I like best the version of "leave my head alone brain" on Instruments -- earlier mixes were good, but this is much better.
And one more thing: i actually bought the Instruments album because of its cover. Where did that come from? Can't find any attribution on iTunes or SoundCloud. It looks to be part woodcarving, part photography and part graphic editing (PhotoShop?). Was it by Schwarz himself? If it was Schwarz, it's proably mostly graphic art.

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