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4.9 out of 5
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27 Ratings
ExcitableOne ,

Passafire manages to pull off music that can only be described as "Groovy" & Uplifting.

Passafire's Interval features a wide spectrum of different sounds on an EP with just four songs. The band has continued their ongoing streak of original realeases that only feature songs that are completely unique to their respectively Album/EP. Nowadays we see a lot of mainstream musicians that are recycling the same sound from previous hits as a way of cashing in and ditching the struggles of having to earn their living as an artist, the fear of being labeled as "Sell Outs" by their original fan base no longer motivates them to continue to grow as an artist. Despite this growing trend Passafire continues to stay true to their fans with an EP that adds diversity to a catalog of music that already has one of the most diverse spectrums in the enite industry.

Passafire shows no desire to let the legacy of Start from Stcratch interfear with their creative proccess which results in an EP that takes their sound into unexplored territory and brings out some of their best work to date. Interval features songs with chorus's that are so catchy you will dust off the repeat button and Uplifiting Meolody's that will make your want to get up and dance.

Drumkat ,

Just keeps getting better

Always great to see talent get rewarded. This is the next progression in a bands sound and performance quality, song writing and energy flow. Quality over quantity with this EP. One of the few groups touring that I would say blow away their studio sound with their live performances. Evolving, maturing, learning and executing. Thanks for taking us on this ride with you.

LV Kathryn ,

Different in a Good Way

I love that Passafire continues to evolve. It isn't the Same Old Story album after album. They cannot be put in one category. I love the new album. It is just a matter of time before they get a broader audience. My favorite band deserves huge success.

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