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Sam Willis and Alessio Natalizia crossed paths in 2009, when the former’s Allez-Allez remixed a track by the latter’s Banjo or Freakout project. The pair soon began collaborating as Walls, creating a comforting noise inspired by the ambient end of Krautrock and modern IDM -- à la Boards of Canada and the Field and the output of labels like Morr Music and City Centre Offices. Willis and Natalizia uploaded a track titled “Burnt Sienna” in October 2009 and were soon signed by Cologne, Germany’s Kompakt label, which issued a self-titled disc in 2010. Although it was only half an hour in length, it was a wholly satisfying debut that incorporated pulsing trance-state IDM, pastoral folktronica, and friction-filled beatless pieces. ~ Andy Kellman

    London, England

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