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Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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4.5 out of 5
371 Ratings
371 Ratings
Julie Carrillo ,

Better Than Broadway

The OBC recording of this show has always been a staple because of the magnificent cast... but to be honest, it has a very hollow feeling like it was recorded in a tunnel. It also does help that many of the songs on the OBC feature parts that were cut before opening night making it not an accurate reflection of the finalized show.

Regarding this new recording... "Maybe They're Really Magic", "So Happy", and "No More" are very much missed, though it is understandable that things needed to be adjusted for this very "two-act" musical to fit into the three-act structure of a film. What has been retained (which is quite a bit!) sounds just amazing. The music has never sounded more beautiful than here. The large orchestra that only Hollywood money can buy paints vivid pictures that the smaller Broadway version on dreamt of. Regarding the cast... they're just wonderful. An eclectic mix of real Hollywood stars and Broadway unknowns (and they all can sing!). This is how great musicals are made in Hollywood and the soundtrack to Into the Woods stands up with some of the best. And no in-a-tunnel feeling like the OBC!!!

I look forward to seeing the film Christmas Day!

SageEmilianaAlberto ,

Love this but...

There's no Agony reprise? :( I guess Disney didn't want kiddies knowing the prince's cheated on Cindrella and Rapunzel to become Sleeping Beuty and Sno White's princes

Andrdrdrew ,

Even better than expected!!

When I saw the trailer, I got the chills!! I could not stop watching it and smiling and there's even more music than I expected. I think I found my Christmas present already!!

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