12 Songs, 41 Minutes


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9 Ratings

The King Midas of Punk Rock


Anything these guys touch turns to gold. Not literally, but man is this album great. Rise Records is putting out some gems and they are lucky to have The Flatliners on board.

Inviting Light Invites You!


The flatliners have been on my top 5 favorite band list for a while. I've have been following them since Destroy to Create till now and to see a band grow and change over the years is incredible. This band started out as Ska punk as a band could be, but to see them now, in 2017, you wouldn't recognize the sound of this band. When I first listen to Inviting Light, I was torn, I truly didn't know how I felt about the new songs I was hearing because it was much different than I would have expected. After hearing it several more times and understanding the words, hearing the maturation of the guitars, the bass lines and amazing drum rolls I was sold. The new Flatliners record is a departure from a sound you may have been accustomed to, but put all that behind you and strap in for a new Flatliners because I promise difference and change can be a good thing, and in the case of Inviting light its a wonderful thing and a new road for the flatliners. Thank you Flatliners and enjoy people!

About The Flatliners

Canada's Flatliners play aggressive but melodic old-school, pre-hardcore punk rock songs, enlivened with the occasional dubby bassline or inverted ska rhythm. Comparisons to London Calling, Sandinista!, early Members, or the Ruts are more apt than more overtly reggae-influenced acts like the Specials or Madness. After forming the band in Toronto, Ontario in 2002, singer and rhythm guitarist Chris Cresswell, lead guitarist Scott Brigham, bassist Jon Darbey, and drummer Paul Ramirez gigged across Canada's D.I.Y. punk circuit for several years, contributing tracks to various compilations before finally recording their debut album, Destroy to Create. Originally self-released, Destroy to Create was picked up for full North American distribution by Stomp Records in the fall of 2005. Touring followed the record's release and in spring 2007, the Flatliners announced their signing to California-based Fat Wreck Chords for U.S. and worldwide (except Canada) releases. The label switch marked a change in the Flatliners' sound, as they turned more distinctively pop-punk for 2007's Great Awake and 2010's Cavalcade. 2013's Dead Language saw the band honing their years of collective playing for a stripped-down and intensely powerful sound that earned them a Juno nomination in 2014. For their next release, 2015's Division of Spoils, Fat Wreck issued a two-disc compilation of the Flatliners' various 7" singles, rarities, and covers, culled from the previous ten years. 2017 saw the release of the band's fifth studio LP, Inviting Light. ~ Stewart Mason & Timothy Monger