14 Songs, 46 Minutes


About Angelo Kelly

Part of the hugely popular musical Kelly Family, Angelo was born in Pamplona, Spain on December 23 of 1981. The home-schooled youngster learned a myriad of musical instruments, and by the age of seven was writing his own songs. Angelo and the Kelly Family toured Europe quite successfully, and in 1994 released the widely popular album, Over the Hump. Over the course of the next few years, the band would release many more records, and Angelo would become a prominent producer and songwriter. He wrote and produced the 1996 number one single, "I Can't Help Myself," for the Kelly Family, and in 2006, four years after the death of his father, Daniel, Angelo launched a label, Ten4One, and a solo career with the album I'm Ready. In 2007, in addition to almost constant touring and performance, this singer, songwriter, drummer, and producer released his second album, Rejoice and Be Glad. ~ Chris True

Pamplona, Spain
December 23, 1971