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9 Ratings

My first Odds CD


What a great first CD to start listening to this hidden gem of a band. If you haven't listened to them, you are missing out. The next two CD's, Good Wierd Feeling and Nest are just as good as this one. Good Wierd Feeling is just nuts! One of the few groups like Marcy Playground who never put out a bad song. They ALL are perfect albums. You can put any of these in and let them play!! Great,great music.

Love love love this album.


Probably the Odds' most "power pop" record (this is a pop group that can PLAY and SING, which in the nineties wasn't necessarily a given) this is one superb pop platter. These are some wry, sardonic, heartrending stories set to hook-heavy yet harmonically-intricate tunes. "Heterosexual Man" was the "hit", but "It Falls Apart" is also a killer single that should have burned up the radio all summer (it did in Toronto, at least). "What I Don't Want" has got to be one of the great relationship songs of the era, with gorgeous harmonies spilling out the kind of little details that keep relationship songs honest and non-formulaic. Their next album "Good Weird Feeling" turned up the amps and focused on riffs over songcraft (IMHO) so if you only know their wonderful (and definitive) finale "Nest" then this might be a great next move. (There's also a great outtake from this era called "Fan Letter" originally mailed to their fan club and inexplicably left off this record -- it should be here for download! C'mon Volcano, cough it up!)

A classic? Could be.


One of my all time favorite albums.
Even now one of the few albums I will listen to from start to finish.
A really clever song cycle.
And it rocks!

About The Odds

English quintet the Odds were part of the late-'70s mod revival, but disbanded after releasing just a handful of singles. The band was comprised of Sam Leyland (vocals), Stuart Matthewman (guitar/saxophone), Bill McKeown (bass), Colin Brockwell (drums), and Keiran Moses (guitar). Of the singles released in 1980 and 1981, "Saturday Night" would become their most notable song, landing on multiple mod compilations in the '90s and 2000s. ~ Neil Z. Yeung

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