20 Songs, 46 Minutes


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4.5 out of 5
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92 Ratings

American Pie?

This album is as awesome as it is bad. You can play it in the car to bother your friends, while enjoying it yourself! Such a pleasure!!!



I've always loved the Brady Bunch, and now I can listen to them anytime I want! You should buy this album for sure. It's outta sight!! Now only if iTunes would add the TV shows as well.....


It doesn't get much better than this -no really!

This rendition of American Pie is a real collector's item, "not vailable in stores anywhere." -for good reason. This is way worse than "A Tribute to Bob Dylan".

About The Brady Bunch

Besides hardcore fans, few know that everyone's favorite squeaky clean TV family of the early '70s, the Brady Bunch, issued several musical albums during the show's heyday. Expectedly, the music was either penned by professional songwriters or covers of already-established hits, and is complete lightweight fluff -- as sampled on such releases as 1970's Merry Christmas, 1972's Meet the Brady Bunch and The Kids From the Brady Bunch, plus 1973's The Brady Bunch Phonographic Album -- as the then-kid actors churn out forgettable covers of such renowned tracks as "American Pie," "Me and You and a Dog Named Boo," "Saturday in the Park," and "Summer Breeze." If you really want to sample the crème de la crème of the Brady Bunch's musical canon, all you'll need is 1993's 20-track It's a Sunshine Day: The Best of the Brady Bunch. In the late '90s, actor Barry Williams (who played the eldest son, Greg Brady) issued the novelty album The Return of Johnny Bravo, based on a teen idol-like character Greg Brady assumed for a Brady Bunch episode. ~ Greg Prato



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