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An Outstanding Album and Band


I'm sick of people comparing new bands to already established bands. "They sound just like so and so, blah blah blah and therefore they are unoriginal and not worth listening to" It is ridiculous. Not every single band can be completely unique and original when compared to all others. It is impossible. What makes the difference between bands is what they have in addition to the similar style that sets them apart. Most times that is solid music, a talented singer, and original thought-provoking lyrics. THAT is where I judge if a band is good or not. NOT if they sound a bit like this other band. Stop comparing new bands to already established bands and judge them on their own merits and not preconceived ones. Now to actually get to my review of this album and band. I have to say this is one of the best debut albums I've come across in a while. It wowed me. Nearly every single track on this album could be a radio hit. The music is some of the best and ORIGINAL that I've had the pleasure of listening to recently. The tempo and key changes within a single song are fantastic as well as the complexity of the music. The lead singer has a phenominal voice. It is solid, strong and has a wide range. The lyrics in these songs are great and the HARMONY within these songs is gorgeous. My favorite tracks are: I'm Breathing, In This Life, The River, Rearview Mirror, and Ready to Roll. In all honestly, the only track I don't care much for is Poster Princess, and that is because the lyrics are weak and more like something from a bad pop/R&B song. It is out of place with the rest of this album, but I can still listen to it because the guitar on that song rocks. All in all, Jet Black Stare is a new discovery I just made that I am absolutely loving. 5*****



1. Ready To Rock (10/5) Best song on the album-Great vocals and everything else follows through! 2. I'm Breathing (4.5/5) Great Singing/vocals and again everything follows through. 3. In This Life (3/5) Slow on the vocals and drumbeats, but its good. 4. Every Moment (3/5) ALSO slow on the vocals,but a little soothing. 5. Its Over (3/5) Whats up with all these slow vocal songs? 6. Rearview Mirror (3/5) Again the same thing. 7. Fly (3/5) Same slow beats. 8. I Won't Let Go (3/5) The Exact Same thing! 9. Poster Princess (4/5) Finally! A great beat that doesn't slow down. 10. The River (3.5/5) A good beat to it that excels throughout the song. 11. Next To Me (3/5) Also The same slow beats from 70 percent of all the songs on this album. 12. Digital Booklet - In This Life (WHAT SHOULD I RATE IT?) In All, it is a average album, But "Ready to Rock" makes this album good. Preferred Song: 1.Ready to Rock 2.I'm Breathing 3.In This Life. 4.Poster Princess 5.The River I Hope this Review helps you Thank you.

About Jet Black Stare

Vancouver hard rock group Jet Black Stare were founded in 2007 by Rod Black (vocalist), who started writing songs after becoming frustrated with the creative direction of his former band. After meeting Shane Hayes (bass), Black formed Jet Black Stare (the name was inspired by a photo of Johnny Cash) with Hayes, Flip (guitar), Dave Muselman (guitar), and Dan Swinimer (drums). The group signed with Island and worked with songwriter/producer Jeff Johnson on its debut album, In This Life, which was released in July 2008. ~ Katherine Fulton

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Cana

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