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About Luther Barnes

Award-winning gospel artist Luther Barnes began performing professionally when he was only nine years old. During his long career he has been part of a number of groups, released a long list of albums, had his songs featured in films, and even appeared in off-Broadway plays. He has many talents, including singer, songwriter, and pianist.

Luther Barnes was raised in North Carolina as part of a large extended family comprised of many musicians and vocalist. Another love the members shared was of the gospel, in both word and song. When Barnes was only nine, he became part of a group called the Barnes Juniors. It was formed by his father, Reverend F.C. Barnes. Other members were Luther's brothers and one of his uncles. Luther also took part in another family group, the Sunset Jubilaires, and then later in the Budd Gospel Choir. When time came for college, Barnes entered the St. Augustine College located in Raleigh, NC. There he earned a B.A. degree in Music Education. He used that training to become a music teacher at both his former junior high and high schools, and to give private piano and vocal lessons. He has also served as minister of music at his church, and director for On the Rise Youth Choir. Barnes' recording career began in 1987 with the completion of the album, See What the Lord Has Done, released under the Atlanta Records label. Between then and the year 2000, he recorded nearly 20 full-length gospel offerings. Some of the tunes listeners can sample from his albums include "It's a Good Thing to Be Chosen," "How Can You Walk on By," "He'll Come to My Rescue," "We Must Be Ready," "Sometimes I'm Burdened," "Lord I'm Waiting," and "So Satisfied."



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