7 Songs, 25 Minutes


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Prime example of what todays music is lacking.......


Wow! Amazing album..... Remember back in the days when most albums were a compilation of 9 to 11 tracks but every song on the album was a hit song, well that's the feeling JAmerican gave me. The content of every song had It's own identity that could not be compared to other songs but yet they were all genuine music and pleasing to the my ear.

The song "Rule your world" is what today's true r&b is missing, the words are very motivating and the beat is so sick!!!! It's rare I press the repeat button on any track in my car but I had to press that button for this particular song, I couldn't get enough of listening to someone own and control the instrumentals and demand power and control over their life.... Excellent album and I can tell Tanta T is going to keep dishing out quality stuff........



I love every single song! I can sing along as well as relate to the words! This is a must buy!

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