"50's Jukebox Hits, Vol. 1 (Re-Recorded Versions)" by Various Artists on iTunes

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K-Tel Jukebox - The Fifties


BUYERS BEWARE !!! K-Tel sells mostly artist remakes. If you're looking for the "Original Top 40 Hits" K-tel records are not for you. I have been buying music since the 50's and everytime I have purchased a K-Tel 45, vinyle album, or CD I have been disappointed. Word to the wise ... "Don't let that be you". There's nothing like the real thing. There are other labels you may want to check out for great remastered 'Original Hits" like Rhino & ACE Records. Low playback volume has also been a noticeable flaw in K-Tel recordings. And by the way where is their album disclaimer about these songs not being "The Original Hits"? "Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!" Play any of these remakes to those that in the know & that lived the era and you will hear the chant - "THIS SONG SUCKS!"

LBJ is right

Tonka Wonka,

I' m with LBJ on this one. I listened to Endless Sleep, Susie Darlin', and Jingle Bell Rock and I can whole heartedly say that they are not the original hit. They are pretty good re-recordings. K-Tel is notorious for this.

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