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4.8 out of 5
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10 Ratings
Flaspeedo59 ,

What A Fabulous Collection

For over 37 years I have listened to everything that Barry Manilow has put out, played on stage and on tv and movies and in Vegas. This is nothing less than everything he does. His ballad of Tonight belongs to all the children should be an anthem to Christmas. His version gives me chills and makes me teary eyed every time he sings it. Never stop singing. you are truly e best singer I have ever ever had the pleasure of hearing and seeing. may Barry live on forever. love this album a lot.
Thanks for ALL the memories it brings to me.
Tom Susi

Shawnilow ,

One of my favorites.

Barry Manilow has been a my favorite musician since I was 10 years old in 1977. It's not Christmas at my house with his music. This cd is a compilation of the prior 3 he did over the years. My only complaint is why they chose to use the LIVE version of his song "It's Just Another New Year's Eve. I like the studio version much better. If you are looking for a Sinatraesqe recording of Christmas songs…get this one. Manilow does swing and big band as well as any of those guys from Sinatra's day. I just wish he'd do a totally new Christmas CD to add to the collection!!!

MichelleSmith34 ,

A Christmas CD that I actually enjoy listening to!

I'm not a big Christmas album listener, but the variety of music styles in this Manilow collection has won me over. Sure its got a few standards - like "Silver Bells" and "Silent Night" , but it's the jazzed up songs with a fresh twist to them that got my attention. Who thought one would tap their toes to "JIngle Bells' and "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"? I did. And the song "Christmas is Just Around the Corner" should be getting major radio play. This one will put a smile on your face as you listen to it. And what Manilow collection would not include some powerful, beautiful ballads? I must say the inclusion of "A Gift of Love" is a gift to myself when listening to it. So beautiful. BRAVO Barry Manilow and Merry Christmas to you.

About Barry Manilow

Singer-songwriter Barry Manilow embodies a style of pop showmanship that all but disappeared by the end of the 20th century. Born in Brooklyn in 1943, Manilow was a lower-class kid who worked his way through Juilliard, backing Bette Midler on piano at a gay bathhouse and writing jingles for the likes of Band-Aid and State Farm before becoming one of the most successful performers of the ’70s and ’80s. Bridging the traditions of the Great American Songbook with the polish and immediacy of pop, he tackles all his material—even the lightest fare—with dignity and often a touch of humor. But it’s the vision behind his sound that makes him such a singular artist. Even in the soft and sentimental '70s, there was nothing like a Manilow tune: Two of his defining efforts, “Mandy” and "Looks Like We Made It”—with their swelling strings, anthemic arrangements, and all-encompassing production—manage to make bittersweetness feel damn good. Both as a writer and master interpreter, Manilow has shown unusual range, touching on disco (1978’s “Copacabana”) and jazz-noir (1984’s 2:00 AM Paradise Cafe), folk and show tunes, big band and holiday music. (“For a Jewish guy, I’ve recorded a lot of Christmas albums,” he once quipped.) While his songs might be opulent, emotion-stoking things of grandeur, Manilow’s approach, at its core, is humble and workmanlike—in service of the audience more than the artist himself.

Brooklyn, NY
June 17, 1943




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