"Joseph Campbell: Jazz Musician (A Tribute to the Mythologist's Musical Side)" by The Louis Armstrong Society Jazz Band on iTunes

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Catchy, upbeat music from a magical time-- great whether you know Campbell or not!!

Songwriter Phil,

I'm not usually a fan of traditional jazz, but these songs are undeniably catchy and they instantly hooked me! I HAVE been a lifelong fan of Joseph Campbell's writings on mythology, so I was naturally curious to find out what kind of music he played back in the day. I was NOT disappointed-- it's fun to imagine him wailing on sax on some of these classics.

You're sure to recognize at least a few of these songs (It Had to Be You, My Blue Heaven, etc), all expertly performed by some fine players, and a couple different vocalists, for some great variety throughout. Highly Recommended!

Who knew Joseph Campbell could play sax!?!

Working Man #9,

This is a fantastic album, and a great upbeat collection of songs from the 1920's. I've been a huge fan of Joseph Campbell for years-- The Power of Myth, Hero with a Thousand Faces, etc.... Who knew that he was also a musician back in the 1920's, before he became a writer/professor? The man was AMAZING.

Follow your bliss!

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