4 Songs, 9 Minutes


About The Pharmacy

Seattle indie psych act the Pharmacy were formed by high-school friends Scott Yoder and Brendhan Bowers, who came together over a shared love of the more experimental side of pop music. Yoder and Bowers originally toyed around with a noisy garage punk sound, but their styles would morph over the years through modes of dance-pop, psychedelic, and moody throwbacks to '60s garage and chamber pop. The core membership of the Pharmacy grew to be the trio of Yoder on guitar and vocals, Bowers on drums and vocals, and keyboardist Stefan Rubicz, though lineups included various other players for different tours and recording sessions. The band played sporadically while its members attended college, finally becoming a more solid touring entity with a 2005 tour supporting Kimya Dawson both as opening act and as her backing band. The band's debut album, B.F.F., was released by Seattle label Don't Stop Believin' Records in 2005. The group toured more and more, working on recordings that resulted in various 7" releases and ultimately second album Choose Yr. Own Adventure, which was issued in 2008. The Pharmacy briefly migrated to New Orleans in 2009 to work on third album Weekend, a return to their lo-fi roots that they recorded completely on four-track cassette. More touring ensued, including multiple treks to Europe, Mexico, and various festivals and gigs, along with split releases with like-minded acts such as Japanther and Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk. Fourth album Stoned & Alone and an EP entitled Josephine arrived in 2012; both releases found the band moving toward a more retro sound drawing heavily on the influence of classic '60s pop legends like the Kinks and the Zombies. The Pharmacy continued this sound with their 2014 full-length, Spells. ~ Fred Thomas

Vashon Island, WA