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4.8 out of 5
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180 Ratings
Evanovich Ski ,

I'm actually rating the EP, not the band

This isn't a contest to see who puts the most exclamation marks after "blink rules"... SO please rate the songs, maybe?

The title track actually got me laughing out loud, when you actually listen to the lyrics. It took a while to grow on me, but now I love it,and it should be bought as a single song if you have the other three (which I do).

"All the Small Things"? What is there to say? Everyone knows, it, knows the lyrics, and we never get sick of it. blink's producers sure know how to get more money... release an already-hit withm a new single!

"Josie"... almost ditto.

"Please Take Me Home" is one of my favorite songs on "Take Off Your Pants And Jacket," and It's a great song... and it was a great Idea to re-release it...

But "TOYPaJ" had come out 4 months earlier, so it's rather sudden to release a song from theat album on an EP with a new single and previous work...

But the effect is good.

The title Track is the best to download if you have the others... so I'd advise doing just that.

Marco Polo lala ,


At the bottom of the list are two "negative" people. Their reviews are funny though. One of them was bewildered about the lack of songs....in case ur like him/her...this is an EP. There is another guy called Ike *something*...idk...anyway, i searched his past reviews and they are pretty much all the same.

My review wll get like 0/100 people found this helpful.

Thats ok cuz i never listened to this EP. Well i listened to All the Small Things and I Wont be Coming Home for Christmas...but wtvr

Its too bad that Blink-182 broke up. Angels & Airwaves are not really comparable to Blink

Yute ,


Blink-182 has been my fav. band of all time and will be my fav. band no matter what happens to them. I dont really care if an album has only 4 songs on it because I 100% trust them that the albums are made perfect and sounds are just off the hook. I think they inspired many new bands that are creating hits right now and will inspire the rest of the bands around the world. BLINK-182 THE BEST BAND IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!!!!!

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