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105 Ratings
wickedsingerr ,

Good times...

I remember when I was younger I had a Radio Disney Jams CD (something I wouldn't go near today, with singers like Musso and Gomez), and this was by far my favorite song. I really only remember one or two on the whole CD that I liked. This was my favorite; I would put it in and just block out the rest of the world and live in the song, or just dance aorund my room and talk to myself in the mirror. Everytime I hear this song it takes me back. Personally, I think this is a highlight of the Backstreet Boys and other boy bands era. This song is pure fun, and although the band itself is pretty much forgotten, if you sing this song in front of any currently teenager, I can almost guarentee they'll remember it, even if only vaugely. It's not just the girls who remember it either; all my guy friends,too. It's just an ubeat, catchy, easy to sing a long to song. Yeah, overplay it and your ears might explode, but definitely worth a buy if you feel like going on a trip back to the days when you could just...have fun.

ladeedadeeda12345678901234567890 ,

Kelly look!

KELLY it's our winning song!!! i will always remember how we sang this at our last 8th grade volleyball game!!! haha love ya girly!!



Wow, can't believe this song only has two reviews! I mean, in fifth grade, my entire grade was... obsessed with LMNT! I like the original better, but heck, love the remix too!

Buy this song... but none of the songs on this album are any good 'cept this.

About LMNT

Named after an opinion poll conducted by a teen magazine, LMNT is a reference to the four basic substances of the universe coexisting in harmony: earth, wind, fire, and water. Formed by finalists of the ABC reality show Making the Band, LMNT's original members teamed up with producer Matthew Morrison to became involved in the dance-pop music scene. Hawaiian Ikaika Kahoano (born 1978), who was previously singing along with his younger brother, joined former gospel singer and marketing student from Santa Barbara, CA, Bryan Chan (born 1974), and Cuban/Jamaican descendant from Hackensack, NJ, Mike Miller (born 1980). Their fourth member, Matt Morrison, was later replaced by Jonas Persch, a native of Salt Lake City, UT. LMNT debuted with the release of a single called "Juliet" in November 2001. Their debut, All Sides, appeared on Atlantic the following summer. ~ Drago Bonacich



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