10 Songs, 38 Minutes

1 3:32
2 4:25
3 4:09
4 4:05
6 4:06
7 4:42
8 2:24
9 3:24
10 4:31

Ratings and Reviews

One of the Best Death Metal Bands of All Time


New song is sick!!!

Best Death Metal Band EVER!!!!!


These guys have continually put out the best death metal in the last decade! Buy everything they put out! They are true kings!

Jungle rot


Fear monger I’m ready hope it’s out at midnight

About Jungle Rot

Formed in 1995, Chicago's Jungle Rot is a living anachronism in the new millennium thanks to their retro-death rock style. Steeped in the relatively straightforward, yet viciously corrosive grooves perpetrated by early- '90s bands like Sodom, Unleashed, and Bolt Thrower, the group issued their "Skin the Living" demo in 1995, but only made their official debut with 1998's Slaughter the Weak album, on Pavement Music. Extensive touring ensued and Olympic Recordings signed the quartet -- featuring Dave Matrise (vocals/guitar), Chris Djuricic (guitar), Jerry Sturino (bass), and Eric House (drums) -- prior to 2001's Dead & Buried and 2004's Fueled by Hate albums. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia