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Mike Fite ,

Sounds completely different than any previous StickyFingers songs

I have every ep/lp that this band ever put out and each of em are still in heavy rotation on my playlists. The 'Caress Your Soul' Lp is obviously gonna be hard to top. However, as a fan of the 'reggae-rock' genre it's hard to get down to this track. The other most recent single, 'Gold Snafu', is awesome. I just hope that 'Gold Snafu' is a more accurate representation of what's coming for the next Lp/Ep, rather than this song. To sum it up, this is the ONLY song by this band that I didn't like.

Harry potter fan wrote: ,

amazing take on a different genre

sticky fingers, please, listen to me, some people are gonna tell you that this song is not good because its not the style they know you for. DONT LISTEN TO THEM. this song is realllllylyyy good. I'm in to this kind of music and i can tell you this is extremely good. if you guys wanna explore other genres too, go ahead I'm sure you'll pull it off beautifully :D

and to everyone hating on them for changing their style so drastically, just go listen to their new album ;)

yaya652789 ,


Sticky Fingers is ultimately my number one favorite band, but this track does not sound like the Sticky Fingers I’ve come to love. It’s a bummer really, and makes me a little nervous for the release of their new album in August… I still have hope though, but I’m sad to say this song is a million steps back for this band.

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