12 Songs, 46 Minutes


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Apamba ,

Highly recommended to help with grieving process

After attending a Workshop with Ms. Sobonfu Some on grieving, I was looking for a CD to help me to grieve. It is not easy to find. I wanted to release my past, a failed marriage, many, many losses, and reclaim my spirit which had been lost and buried somewhere, I do not even know where. I looked everywhere for the right grieving music. But this CD was perfect. The voices are genuine. The grief is sincere. They sing as they grieve. I really felt supported in my grieving process hearing these voices. I highly recommend this CD to anyone who wants to grieve. It is the kindest act one can do for oneself. Until we reach a day when people will be able to more openly grieve and where grieving locations will exist for people to get community support, we have to grieve in traditional workshops done by natives of indigenous societies like Sobonfu Some or do it in the safety of one's home. I truly hope there will be more CDs like these around or in Itunes. I also purchased a CD by Aine Minogue on Celtic Lamentations which also helped with the grieving. And sometimes, to add a touch of lightness, I listen by music from Mahbood (Head over Heels), which cuts through all faiths and really is soothing. You will not regret it. The author did a wonderful job with this CD. It will save you as it did me, years of therapy.