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2.9K Ratings
Forever The Sickest Kid ,

Talent Runs In The Cyrus Family!

I went to a Metro Station concert last week and got to meet the band (they are simply amazing live.) This CD is also pretty great. I suggest you get this CD & try to get tickets to one of there concerts. It'll be worth it!!!

And for those of you who aren't aware, Trace Cyrus & Mason Musso are the older brothers of non-other than Miley Cyrus & Mitchell Musso.

mouth-full-of-lies ,

Wow, certainly a pleasant surprise

I first listened to Metro Station when 'Shake It' was released as iTunes single of the week. It really grew on me so I decided to check out the rest of their music.

I can't believe it took me so long to find them! They're a really good band.
I originally thought they might be Brittish and THEN I was
surprised even more to discover that 2 of the band members are related
to Mitchel Musso and Miley Cyrus (of Hannah Montana,
which I'll admit is a show I love to watch.....even though I'm 15).
Usually I'd think that people would like the band because of
their relations and not for their music, but, in this case, I don't
think this is the kind of music too many Disney Channel-ers
would be listening to.

Overall, its a really good album with a really great sound.
Definately worth your money.

GregisXcore ,

A Good Variety

This album as a whole is great. If you like Hellogoodbye, Rediscover, Army of Freshman or any other bands of the Powerpop/Electronica genre, you will quickly fall in love with Metro Station. This band is aimed at teens and is mostly upbeat. Like many bands, their songs are about girls but that is nothing to complain about. "Kelsey," the album's first single is about a certain girl and the lyrics are cute. "Seventeen Forever" gives teens that feeling we can do anything feeling because we're young. "California" is about running away and feeling free. But my favorite, "Now That We're Done" doesn't seem to get much atteniton from the fans. Personally this is my favorite song. The wide variety of beats, bursts of synthesizers, and touchy vocals give it the kick to make it the most powerful on the album.

You should definitely get all the songs concidering the price. This band will someday be huge and you can show all your friends that you knew them first. If you aren't going to buy it all, get "Now That We're Done", "California", "Kelsey", and "Tell Me What To Do". "Control" is also decent.

About Metro Station

As is often the case in Metro Station's hometown of Hollywood, CA, the emo-pop outfit owed its formation to a handful of well-placed connections. Co-frontman Trace Cyrus was the stepson of country star Billy Ray Cyrus, and his half sister, Miley Cyrus, played the title character on Disney's Hannah Montana before launching her own music career. Similarly, singer Mason Musso's younger brother played the role of Oliver Oken in Hannah Montana, and the two older-sibling musicians met at the urging of their respective mothers. After adding keyboardist Blake Healy to the lineup, the trio recorded a single -- the teenage anthem "Seventeen Forever" -- and watched as the song created a stir on MySpace.com. The group's Internet presence also attracted the attention of Anthony Improgo, who joined the group on drums. Now featuring a full lineup, Metro Station began playing shows in the L.A. area.

However, it was MySpace that would (again) prove to be the boys' biggest asset, as an intern at Red Ink discovered the band while perusing the website's music pages. A record deal with Red Ink followed in late 2006 -- the very same year as Metro Station's formation -- and the quartet headed to New York City to record a full-length album. Featuring production from Motion City Soundtrack's Josh Cain and Justin Pierre on the leadoff single "Kelsey," Metro Station's self-titled debut was released in September 2007. Although sales were lukewarm at first, the band experienced a surge in popularity following the release of "Shake It," a double-platinum single that helped turn Metro Station's fortunes around. The good luck didn't last long, though; by the end of 2009, the group had slimmed itself down to a duo, and Metro Station officially called it quits in March 2010. ~ Andrew Leahey

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