9 Songs, 50 Minutes


About Soundwalk Collective & Jesse Paris Smith

Narrowing the gap between music and performance art, Soundwalk Collective is an ensemble that creates recordings, performance pieces, and installations based on diverse thematic elements. Soundwalk Collective was founded in 2000 by Stephan Crasneanscki, an artist born in the Ukraine who now lives in New York City, where he works with collaborators Simone Merli and Kamran Sadeghi. The Collective members describe their work as combining elements of "nature, anthropology, ethnography, non-linear narratives, psychogeography and the exploration of recording and synthesis." Many of their works are built around ambient electronic soundscapes combined with readings or found sounds. Their pieces include "What We Leave Behind," a collaboration with filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard constructed from audio recorded during the shooting of his films, and "Jungle-ized," in which they beamed the sounds of the Amazon rainforest into an eight-block section of New York's Times Square. In 2014, Soundwalk Collective collaborated with musician, poet, and author Patti Smith and her daughter, musician Jesse Paris Smith, for a piece titled Killer Road, which used music and recitation to chronicle the last day in the life of musician and Velvet Underground associate Nico. In 2014, Killer Road was performed in New York City and Berlin; in 2016, the piece was released as an album, combining studio recordings with live recordings of the 2014 stagings of the piece. ~ Mark Deming

Manhattan, New York, NY