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Hodl Pu,

One of Lamps early albums but still amazing. Each song from the relaxing "Ame No Message" to the upbeat "Nichiyoubi No Owakare" provide an array of different tempos and speeds, however the whole album retains the same emotional feel to listeners. Lamp succsefully synchronizes all their songs so nothing it too random, but yet every song is different in its own way. First time listening to Japanese music? No matter! With this album, Lamp can light the way to a new interesting genre for first time listeners.

love from China


作为lamp的歌迷,最最最喜欢额就是这张CD。然而目前已经绝版了,Japan Amazon中古CD也要¥8000。。然而意想不到的是美区itunes商店卖的比日区便宜!So, buy it and listen to it and love it.

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