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4 Ratings

bwburch ,

When in Rome...

"La Busta Gialla" is the product of raw and talented bassist Mike Watt cooked up with Italian ingredients, Stefano Pilia, and Andrea Belfi. Pilia and Belfi carry the cinematic musical torch of Italy in a blazingly fantastic form. Like the greats of their motherland, Morricone, Piccioni to Luppi, these two touch emotion and create mood with their instruments that only Italians know how to do... but wait! Take bassist Mike Watt who can create a rock opera like no other, throw him into the mix and you have one spicy meatball!

Like "Ball Hog or Tugboat" and "In The Engine Room", "La Busta Gialla" sets a mood and creates an atmosphere which takes you into another world. With the trio at the core, the music is textured and layered with other instrumentation like steel drums and horns. Mike Watt opens his soul up and pours it out to the listener through his bass as always. Pilia and Belfi takes this tried and true honesty that people have loved since the days of "Double Nickels on the Dime" and push it into unexplored heights creating something new.

This album is great! If you like to hear a lot of lyrics, this album might not be for you. I love theatrical and themed based music that sets a mood. I would describe "La Busta Gialla" as mostly textural compositions with raw energy to keep the music forever driving forward until the end of the album. Pilia and Belfi do a fantastic job playing with Watt! I thank the three of them for making this album.

Open-Minded Bass-Man ,

The playing is what I would call tasty.

I always buy anything Watt's on because it is usually great and because he is out there in the world setting a good example for the rest of us. This album is really good. The guitar playing is subtle and unique. The drums are melodic and kinda remind me of Keith Moon. Watt is Watt as usual coming up with great bass lines from the heart. Besides the guitar/bass/drums there are lots of other instruments. It all adds up non-ego music. The best kind.

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