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Customer Reviews

Finally, some more beautiful Bolivian music!


I have recently bought a learning method from Ernesto Cavour, and I think he is both a great musician and teacher. You would not believe the amount of musical skill it takes to make and understand Bolivian music. Simply listen to "Rosario de Uvas" or "Chulupi"... You will imagine yourself in the Andes, sipping yerba mate, while you are wearing your brand new Awayo poncho you bought in Tucavaca just last morning.

Great CD


I've heard multiple charango players before. Cavour is one of the virtuosos of this instrument. A joy to listen to

About Ernesto Cavour

An acclaimed artist, poet, singer, craftsman, and composer, Ernesto Cavour has played an essential role in the growing popularity of the charango. The president of the Bolivian Society of Charango Instrumentalists and Composers, he helped to launch the Virtual Museum of Bolivian Instruments. Cavour continues to express his love of the charango in a variety of mediums. In addition to his recordings, he has written several books including Learn to Play the Quena. ~ Craig Harris

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