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Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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2.9 out of 5
266 Ratings
266 Ratings
Bflow4l ,

First time I haven’t liked one of their songs

Regardless of which way I lean politically- I think this was an ill-thought out, rushed, political stunt. The song is not catchy, doesn’t rhyme (isn’t always a bad thing but sounds sloppy here), and it’s not well crafted. It sounds like it was thrown together in 5 mins. Ever since Battle Born came out, Brandon’s songwriting abilities have really tanked. I still loved WW. But I’ve still noticed this undeniable decline. With this song, there’s nothing left for interpretation. It’s cut and dry like he had a thought, wrote it down, and said “Done!” No rough drafts. I just think he could have got his message across while writing this differently. Again, regardless of which way anyone leans, the song doesn’t even sound genuine. It feels like a quick political stunt to get back in the spotlight and make money. That’s how it comes across when you throw something you only worked on for 5 mins.

Pericolorao ,

Trump supporters are giving 1 out 5 to this song.

I cannot believe that in 2019 and with all that has happened since Trump took over, some “Americans” are still channeling anger, hate and racism everywhere including on iTunes reviews. This song and music video give me hope that America will change for good. I’m proud to be an American! God bless all those Trump supporters posting bad reviews on this song!

0o7. ,

Fan for 14 years no longer.

Congratulations, you’ve bashed a country that has made you loads of money, and you have shown your true anti-American and unpatriotic selves. As someone that came from a LEGAL immigrant family who owns a small business, works hard and pays their taxes, you’ve decided to dedicate a song to ones that use violence against our police, exploit their children to gain access to our country where they will live off welfare for the rest of their lives with my tax dollars, and bring their animosity here? Asylum is granted by coming here legally and assimilating—and not using violence to gain entry. You have disrespected the men in blue that protect you at your concerts and who you will call if there’s an emergency, and you have shown your anti-American selves. As someone who has spent a pretty penny on your albums and shows, I am incredibly disappointed and will take my money to an entertainer who actually ENTERTAINS and not spew far-left propaganda!

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