10 Songs, 36 Minutes


Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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28 Ratings
Idiot Pete

Still amazed...

All these years later (2016 ) I still can't believeve these aging rock, and rollers, plus Roy pulled this off. This was Harrison's dream that he had for a long time. He claimed that if he would had planned it, it would never would have happened, and I believe him. They were all just very good friends. From the very first guitar strum, they put this together in just 6 weeks, writing the songs and all. DON'T just pick and choose here. Buy the whole album!! At the end you get a 26 minuite home movie of how they pulled this off. I just realized that you have to pay an extra 2 bucks for the documantary. Give yourself a history lesson... 2 of these guys have already passed on.....


Missing two songs.

Before this album was re-mastered you could purchase it with all 12 tracks, which I did, now it only has 10. Maxine and Like A Ship are missing. I'm not blaming the BIG-A for this, unlike most of the yahoos on here I realize the BIG-A does not have control over content. SO… whoever is responsible for this should think about returning this album to its former glory and release all 12 tracks.


Great Cd

I love it and also wanted the 12 tracks of the original. Also it says I was supposed to get a digital booklet with it if I purchased the whole album, NOT!
Apple where is my booklet?????

About The Traveling Wilburys

Reversing the usual process by which groups break up and give way to solo careers, the Traveling Wilburys are a group made up of solo stars. The group was organized by former Beatle George Harrison, former Electric Light Orchestra leader Jeff Lynne, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and Roy Orbison, thus representing three generations of rock stars. In 1988, the five (who had known each other for years) came together to record a Harrison B-side single and ended up writing and recording an album on which they shared lead vocals. It turned out to be a way to transcend the high expectations made of any of them as individuals, and a delighted public sent the album to number three, with two singles, "Handle With Care" and "End of the Line" hitting the charts. Unfortunately, Orbison died of a heart attack only a few weeks after the album's release.

Two years later, the remaining quartet released a second album, inexplicably titled Vol. 3. Although it didn't match the success of the first Wilburys album, it was another million-selling hit. Throughout the '90s, there were rumors of another Traveling Wilburys record in the works, but no new albums from the group surfaced. Harrison and Lynne did re-team in 1995, when Lynne produced and reworked two John Lennon demos with the Beatles for their Anthology rarities collection.

The Traveling Wilburys albums drifted out of print in the late '90s, making the 2007 release of The Traveling Wilburys Collection -- a double-disc set containing both albums, plus a bonus DVD -- a noteworthy affair. It debuted at number one in the U.K. and nine in the U.S., eventually earning platinum and gold certifications in the respective countries. In 2016, the collection saw a re-release on Concord. ~ William Ruhlmann





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